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Buddy System Comic Troupe Stays Busy in Riverside

Comedy nights in Riverside find a cozy home at Brook's Bar and an underground stage at Back to the Grind, courtesy of The Buddy System's blend of humor and camaraderie.

William Henderson, Carlos Patino, and George Ferida are Buddy System.

It doesn't take much to "pack the place" at Brook's Bar, a postage stamp-sized joint tucked between the parking lot and the driving range at the Van Buren Golf Center. The couple dozen people floating in and out of the stand-up, open mic night is enough to make it feel well attended.

The Buddy System, a local comic troupe, has been hosting at Brook's for a few years, and the mix of regulars and drop-ins is working fine. It's a classic arrangement. The comics come out on a Tuesday night, buy enough beer to make the bar happy, and in exchange, they get a few square feet to do what they do.

Recently, they picked up a second night, Thursdays, in the Basement at Back To The Grind. I haven't been to check out their new gig, but I've spent many hours under the coffee shop, and it is a perfect spot for comedy. The Buddy System guys are funny, and they have established a formula for small venue open mic stand-up that should propel a long tenure at one of Downtown's coolest spots.

Check out what George, William, Carlos, and their guests do on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. at Brook's and Thursdays at 7 p.m. at Back to the Grind. You can also hear them on their Podcast, The Buddycast. Consider the content and language are uncensored in your plans to attend.