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The Raincross Gazette is a digitally native newspaper keeping you posted on what’s happening in Riverside and how it impacts you.

What is a digitally native newspaper?

It’s no secret that the shift from print to digital publishing had a major impact on traditional newspapers. Publishers that built large teams to serve their communities, printed a daily paper, and delivered it to driveways every morning found themselves with ever dwindling budgets as advertisers found new options for reaching consumers. The changing landscape led many independent local publishers to consolidate their teams in an attempt to cut costs. For people like us that has meant ever decreasing quality local news.

We’re building The Raincross Gazette as a digital platform which allows us to grow our team, expand our coverage, and publish more content as our subscriber base grows. This aligns our incentives perfectly with those of Riverside residents: we deliver great local news, you tell your neighbors, they subscribe, and we grow. All we have to do is keep our promise to deliver trustworthy news.

We launched in January 2021 with email delivery, expanded to a full online news outlet in February 2022, and are aiming to expand and increase our coverage with more reporting, multiple podcasts, and video content.

Why should I pay for news?

The internet era has ravaged traditional ad supported publishing. News outlets that rely on advertising to generate revenue are competing against an ever-expanding world of content for your attention and publish sensationalized articles designed for you to click on. Our subscriber funded business model doesn’t depend on mass click throughs, but reporting news that’s helpful enough for our subscribers to keep paying for it.

Who is behind The Raincross Gazette?

We are entrepreneurs in Downtown Riverside. We own a brand management firm, that axe throwing place you saw during the Festival of Lights, and now The Raincross Gazette. We hope to one day employ a full team of journalists who have studied and trained here at one of our local colleges and universities. Our freelance reporting reporter currently includes graduates from La Sierra and Arlington high schools and Riverside City College, UC Riverside, and California Baptist University.