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This Week in City Hall: May 16

Council seeks to formalize a Community Engagement Policy, increase Fairmont Golf Park fees, and update the Municipal Code to allow ride-share vehicle parking.

A row of electric vehicles charging at UCR's CE-CERT Campus, one of StratosShare's existing car-share landing zones.

City Council will meet in closed and open sessions Tuesday, May 16. Here’s what’s on the agenda for public input:

Community Engagement Policy and Toolkit Workshop

The City of Riverside does not have a formal Community Engagement Policy. In 2015, Riverside community advocacy group Neighbors Better Together (NBT) engaged the City with a vision to enhance and clarify “the procedure for Community outreach and engagement on projects and policies that impact City residents.” In a proposed policy outline, NBT envisioned a process where the City moved from an “information and consultation” model to one that would “involve and empower” Riversiders in the early stages of City planning policy.

This week’s City Council evening session features a “Community Engagement Policy & Toolkit Workshop,” where city staff will present a background on a new draft policy, review a supporting Toolkit, and highlight recent case studies from a pilot program of the new policy.

Following the presentation, public comment, and Council discussion, City staff will update the policy and toolkit for final approval at a future date.

Fairmont Golf Park Fee Updates

Council’s June 27 meeting will include a public hearing to adopt new usage fees for the Fairmont Golf Park. Council will see a preview of those changes at this week’s meeting.

Changes for an 18-Hole Round

Current July 1, 2023 2024 2025
Weekdays $21 $23 $24 $25
Weekends $25 $27 $28 $29
Holidays $25 $27 $28 $29

Car Share Parking Program

On July 6, 2021, the City accepted a $1,000,000 grant through the CALSTART Clean Mobility Voucher Pilot Program to “establish a network of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with free usage (up to two hours) for qualifying low-income residents.

This week, Council looks to adopt a new ordinance amending the Municipal Code to accommodate the parking of car-share vehicles. Ride sharing will be powered by StratosShare, a San Bernardino based on-demand car rental company that lets drivers rent hydrogen electric vehicles through a smartphone app.

Dedicated parking for ride-share vehicles in the program is currently proposed at the following locations:

  1. Downtown/Food Lab
  2. UCR Extension
  3. UCR Lot 1
  4. Cesar Chavez Community Center
  5. Casa Blanca Library
  6. Arlanza Library
  7. Banbury Dr. (Near Tyler Galleria)