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This week at City Hall: Sept. 28

City Council focuses entirely on homelessness prevention, and a potential resource guide for residents and local businesses on the topic of homelessness is considered.

A photo of the side building view to Riverside City Hall.
City Hall located in Downtown Riverside

This week, most city meetings will focus on homelessness issues in the city and what the city can do to impact the matter effectively.

Special City Council Meeting

On Thursday, City Council will have a special meeting entirely dedicated to addressing homelessness in Riverside. On the docket are several presentations, a draft memorandum of understanding that will be sent throughout the county, and objectives for the next five-year plan.

The five-year plan includes the following six points:

  1. Prevent homelessness
  2. Increase availability and effectiveness of shelter beds
  3. Increase housing production with a focus on affordability
  4. Build a coordinated regional infrastructure
  5. Increase the availability of services, with a focus on physical and mental health
  6. Expand public awareness and education about homelessness and housing

In the past year, the city reports that it responded to 4,445 service calls related to homelessness. According to their documents, in 2020, there were 587 individuals reported homeless in their “point-in-time” counts.

Other current projects the city is working on include the following:

  • Recruitment for the Homeless Solutions Officer position
  • Collaboration with the county on addressing homelessness in the Santa Ana Riverbottom
  • Remodeling two houses on Hulen Place to create 28 mental health bridge housing beds and 23 bridge housing beds.

Housing and Homelessness Committee

On Monday the committee discussed the creation of a “Who to Call” homeless guide for businesses and residents. The committee documentation says the guide “will be used as a resource for the public to seek assistance with a homeless individual or any belongings that may be found on a property.”