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This week at City Hall: Nov. 2

The current COVID-19 safety measures are reviewed and the Board of Ethics will listen to the findings of a complaint filed against the mayor and several councilmembers.

A photo of the entrance to Riverside City Hall.
City Hall in Downtown Riverside

Riverside’s special election for Measure C is today, polling locations can be found at

City Council Meeting

Item 10: Review of Current Coronavirus State of Emergency

Riverside’s City Council will be reconsidering the circumstances of the current coronavirus state of emergency. According to their documents, the council will determine if they will continue recommending social distancing measures. If approved, it will allow the current hybrid format of meetings to continue, where individuals can participate in person or remotely.

Item 14: Providing 7 Property Owners with Local Tax Relief

The council will consider approving property tax reduction and property improvements for seven Riverside properties under Mills Act Historic Property Preservation agreements.

The Mills Act is a 1976 law that “grants local governments the ability to provide property tax abatements to the owners of qualified historical properties.” Since 2004, Riverside’s council has approved 84 Mills Act Agreements.

Item 27: Update on Riverside Alive Project

During Tuesday’s meeting, the council will hold an open session presentation on the Riverside Alive project proposed for Public Parking Lot 33 by the Riverside Convention Center and the adjacent Marriot Riverside hotel.

Board of Ethics

Item 5: Finding of Ethics Complaint Concerning Cancellation of Gaetz/Greene Rally

On Thursday, the board will hear the findings of the ethics complaint filed against Councilmembers Ronaldo Fierro, Clarissa Cervantes, Gaby Plascencia, and Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson. The complaint pertained to the cancellation of the Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene Rally that was initially scheduled to take place at the Riverside Convention Center on July 17.

After review by the board, they determined that “the complaint failed to show that it was more likely than not that there may have been a violation of the prohibited conduct, finding there was no evidence of a violation to Riverside Municipal Code 2.78.060(D).” The findings were approved by all members present.