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This Week at City Hall: May 10

On Tuesday, the City Council will hold its annual recognition ceremony of the 25 Most Remarkable Teens in Riverside. Members will also consider adopting new smoking regulations for multi-unit housing, and weigh the purchase of over 12,000 new trash bins for residents.

A photo of the entrance to Riverside City Hall.

City Council

Item 7: External audits of City Attorney, City Clerk, and Public Library

On Tuesday, the City Council will consider approving a search for an independent firm to conduct a performance assessment and financial review of the offices of the city attorney, city clerk and public library. Since 2015, the Council has initiated independent audits of 13 different city departments.

Item 18: Most Remarkable Teens in Riverside

The City Council will also recognize the 25 “Most Remarkable Teens in Riverside” chosen by the Riverside Youth Council. The council, supported by the Mayor’s Office, chose the teens from approximately 150 candidates. All applicants were scored with a rubric, with names and schools redacted from the applications. Of the 25 teens chosen, ten were from Ramona High School and six from Notre Dame High School.

Item 25: Adopting smoking regulations for multi-unit residences

The City Council is studying the adoption of a new ordinance that would make all multi-unit housing smoke-free, except in designated areas. The law would apply to all tobacco, e-cigarette, and marijuana products, and defines multi-unit residences as any location that contains two or more rental units.

Property owners could designate a portion of a property where smoking would be allowed. Locations excluded from the proposed ordinance are single-family homes, hotels, mixed hotel/common interest development projects, and detached or attached “accessory dwelling units,” also known as in-law apartments, bonus units or casitas, on a single-family zoned property.

Item 30: Purchasing over 12,000 trash bins for public utility customers

The City Council will also decide whether to authorize the purchase of 12,248 wheeled bins for trash, green waste and recycling for Riverside Public Utility customers. The bins would be purchased for $990,000 from Toter, Inc. from Statesville, North Carolina.

Board of Public Utilities

Item 5: Environmental consulting contract

On Monday, the Board of Public Utilities will consider approving a consultant agreement with Montrose Environmental Group, Inc., from North Little Rock, Arkansas. The group would provide emissions testing and environmental consulting services at the Riverside Energy Resource Center, Clearwater Power Plant, and Springs Power Plant. The proposal is for a five-year agreement in the amount of $1,247,530, with the option for three one-year extensions.