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This week at City Hall: Oct. 19

City Council establishes a budget for the Board of Ethics and a city agreement eyes for approval in the Safety, Wellness, and Youth Committee.

A photo of the side building view to Riverside City Hall.
City Hall located in Downtown Riverside

City Council Meeting

Item 8: Establishing Legal Counsel Budget for Board of Ethics

This item was initially scheduled to be heard on Oct. 5 but was tabled and will now be heard during the Oct. 19 meeting. The council will look to establish an outside legal counsel budget for the Board of Ethics. This would only occur at the board’s discretion if they chose not to use the city attorney’s counsel.

If passed, it would require at least five affirmative votes from the Board of Ethics and appropriate the necessary funds in the amount of $100,000.

Safety, Wellness, and Youth Committee

Item 3: Gage Canal Trail Improvements Project

On Wednesday, the committee will receive an update presentation on the project and potentially approve an agreement between the City of Riverside Public Utilities Department, Water Division and the Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department.

The portion of the canal under potential construction would be between Palmyrita Avenue and Blaine Street. Goals of the project include planting 600 trees, installing solar lighting, and paving part of the pathway with asphalt and concrete, which would be parallel to an unpaved path.