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State of the City 2023 Sneak Peak – Riverside By Design

Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson previews her State of the City Address scheduled for Thursday, January 26, 2023 at the Riverside Convention Center.

In a few short weeks, I will deliver the annual State of the City Address—the first in-person State of the City since my election. Each year in the fall, my team, the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce team, and others gather to reflect on what we would like to convey in the Address. This process begins by reflecting on the last year and visioning for what is to come. Last month in this column I wrote about 2022 and the reviewing of those successes—so you have a preview on that section of the Address already.

When our teams came together and reflected on these successes one thing was clear: the decisions were all linked and shared a common thread. This thread wove together projects, initiatives, and honors that created a rich tapestry of where we have been while knowing there is still more work—weaving—to do. Why does this matter, one may ask? Well, this brainstorming drives the State of the City messaging and perhaps most importantly, the annual theme. For the 2023 theme we coined “Riverside by Design” because of the linkage between our work and the designing of a future that is better for all. Designs require plans and plans require strategic thought, negotiating, and vision—all things that I can point to as having been part of decisions made in 2022. This year will have the same intention behind our work. With a new City Manager and new Community & Economic Development leaders at City Hall, I am confident in what is to come by way of plans and ensuring intentionality in all we do.

As we sat around the discussion table planning and drafting the annual State of the City Address, we knew that “Riverside by Design” really translates into “designed for Riverside.” As we launch into 2023 and I prepare to share the roadmap for our next year, know that front of mind for me and taking a leading role in the Address are the topics of homelessness, infrastructure, and safe and clean streets. With our growing influence in California as the 12th largest city in the state, we are both designed and destined to be the city of choice by residents and businesses alike.

Now, I cannot give away much more! Join me in-person on January 26, 2023 at the Riverside Convention Center at 5:30 p.m.