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Riverside Philharmonic's concert a highlight of the statewide festival: 'A Celebration of New Music'

Experience the innovative spirit of contemporary composers as the orchestra takes the stage at Riverside City College's Coil School for the Arts.

Tomasz Golka conducts the Riverside Philharmonic orchestra's "Bach to the Future" concert in September 2023 (courtesy Riverside Philharmonic).

In a celebration of California's diverse musical landscape, the Riverside Philharmonic is representing the Inland Empire with this weekend's performance, participating in California's statewide festival, A Celebration of New Music. The concert will take place this Sunday, November 19, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. at Riverside City College's Coil School for the Arts, located at 3890 University Ave.

The statewide festival, spanning from November 3-19, 2023, was conceptualized by the music directors of the LA Phil, San Diego Symphony, and San Francisco Symphony. It aims to showcase contemporary composers' most compelling and forward-looking voices, emphasizing "the collaborative and innovative spirit that thrives in California."

Under the festival umbrella, each participating orchestra curates its own program, spotlighting works written in the last five years that resonate with the curiosity and joyful experimentation embedded in the state's musical history.

The Riverside Philharmonic's "Music for the People" concert will feature Anna Clyne's "Stride" for string orchestra, composed in 2020. Clyne, currently the composer-in-residence for the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, has been hailed by the New York Times as "a composer of uncommon gifts and unusual methods." Complementing Clyne's composition, the concert will showcase Béla Bartók's "Rumanian Folk Dances" and Franz Joseph Haydn's Symphony #44 in E minor and Symphony #39 in G minor. The repertoire aims to offer a diverse and engaging experience for the audience, spanning different musical styles and eras.

Tickets, which start at $60, are available at