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2024 Election: Patrick Maloney joins race for Ward 1 City Council Seat

Maloney follows Hass Ratnayake in running for the seat currently held by Erin Edwards.

Patrick Maloney has announced his campaign for City Council’s Ward 1 seat in the 2024 election. Maloney aims to leverage his business acumen and local experience to address key issues such as financial stability, business development, and homelessness in Riverside.

Maloney is well known throughout the Downtown and Wood Streets neighborhoods for his involvement in the community and entertainment scene as host of “The Riverside Open Mic.”

“I’ve been a promoter of this city for decades,” Maloney says, “I have the experience and connections to bring revenue-generating business opportunities to this city that improve our quality of life with high-paying jobs that our young adults actually want. There are great careers and economic opportunities found in the arts that we must bring to the city.”

Maloney highlighted the city's financial health, pointing to Riverside's ownership of utilities and a diverse tax revenue stream. Despite these strengths, he believes more work is needed to ensure that local businesses have access to essential resources. "Rather than letting city hall choose winners and losers, my plans include greater transparency in where we spend our money," Maloney stated.

Because of his regular work in the downtown area, Maloney wants to work to address challenges with homelessness in the city. “I know we have a homeless problem because I deal with it every day in my job. My customers deal with it as well. I believe the best way to reduce homelessness is build more places for people to live and to support this city’s new Office of Housing and Human Services and our Public Safety and Engagement Teams (PSET) with enough resources to do the job,” says Maloney.

He also assured residents that his focus is solely on serving the city, not on using the council seat as a stepping stone to higher office. "My first promise to you: I will not seek another office while serving in this role," he declared.

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