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Metanoia opens at the Brandstater Gallery

The La Sierra University 2024 Art+Design program graduates will present their final works at the May 26 reception.

La Sierra University Art+Design Seniors 2024. (Courtesy La Sierra University)

In the Riverside Arts scene, Downtown is low-hanging fruit. The density of excellent museums and galleries, the proximity to restaurants and nightlife, and the no-cost access to many art institutions during Artswalk on the first Thursday of each month make Downtown a one-stop shopping destination. That’s intended to praise, not to diminish what’s going on at the city center. It does, however, pull some attention away from great things happening in other parts of the city.

La Sierra University is fighting the good fight on the western front. Some attention is given to its excellent performing arts programs, especially during the holidays. However, the Arts+Design program does not receive the attention it should. Tim Musso, Director of the on-campus Brandstater Gallery, curates a clean and thoughtful art space with an attached lecture hall for artist presentations. 

The Brandstater will host the opening of METANOIA, a group exhibition for graduating seniors. Six students receiving BA and BFA degrees will present their work in a public reception and artist talk at 6 p.m. on Sunday, May 26. Tim Musso says, “As the director of the Brandstater Gallery, I am excited for the students to present a wide range of creative work in their senior exhibit. The content of the art and design work covers a wide range of topics and mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, murals, photography, and graphic design.”

Information on the Exhibition, La Sierra University Art+Design program, and the Brandstater Gallery can be found at