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LA LOM will kick off their West Coast tour at the UCR Barn

Los Angeles League of Musicians play a unique mix of Cumbia, Chicha, and jazz.

Los Angeles League of Musicians performs at DC9 in Washington, DC on Wednesday, April 11, 2024 (Peter Hutchins).

On Thursday, April 25, the Los Angeles League of Musicians (LA LOM) will kick off their West Coast tour at the UCR Barn. Hard to define, LA LOM represents more of a vibe than any specific genre. The instrumental trio draws on various Latin styles, jazz, and an occasional nod to country twang. They evoke a fever dream at a tropical cantina, with a pulsing, dare-you-not-to-dance rhythm and singing psychedelic guitar doing most of the work melodically.

LA LOM are a darling. They are building a lot of buzz leading the tour. This is an opportunity to see a band about to explode in popularity on a small stage without LA traffic. Local DJs representing Mucho Gusto will offer opening support. Events at the Barn are from 6–9 p.m. Tickets are $25, and more information is available on The Barn website.