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Riverside Historical Society to host community book fair

Residents are invited to come learn about the uniquely unknown history of Riverside.

A photo of books on display at the book fair
Books lie on display at the local book fair hosted by the Riverside Historical Society.

The Riverside Historical Society (RHS) will host a community book fair Oct. 3 to inform local residents on the qualities and history of the city.

Glenn Wenzel, who has served on the Historical Society Board for 15 years, will present as the event’s keynote speaker. Wenzel is set to present his new book “They Climbed The Mountain,” a visual novel highlighting figures who have traveled to, and climbed, the famous Riverside landmark, Mount. Rubidoux. Noteworthy figures include the environmental phenomenon John Muir and former U.S. President William Howard Taft.

The RHS book fair will be joined by a local club meeting and city-based groups, including the Mission Inn Museum and a roster featuring over 20 local authors. Each group will have a tent set-up where attendees can learn about the Riverside’s rich history and current resources. The event aims

According to its website, “The Riverside Historical Society supports, encourages, and provides historical education and preservation for the Riverside community.” For over a century, it has preserved antiquity across the Southern California citrus paradise through public education programs and a continuing journal.

To learn more about the event visit the group’s Facebook.