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Half a century of flavor: George's celebrates 50 years with a colorful makeover

Riverside's beloved George's Drive-Thru marks its 50th anniversary this Saturday at 11 a.m.

George’s is at 9910 Magnolia between Van Buren and Tyler.

It says something about a place that a change as simple as a coat of paint can cause such controversy. It says that the place is so entrenched in the consciousness of the community that when the flickering beacon on Magnolia Avenue simply changes colors from blue to red, we see it as a literal painting of our memories. It’s a sentiment of deep affection for one of the few places left around town that is still, pretty much, the way it has been in our minds our whole lives.

There is an authority that can only be achieved with sustained success, and after 50 years, as the Kings of Magnolia Avenue, George’s can paint their sign as they please. Like it or not, the sign in front of George’s Drive-Thru is red now, not blue. The menu is still impossibly large, and it is still worth the wait, and it still tastes better leaning against the fender of your car. Red or blue, the sign in front of George’s is emblematic of the gritty beauty of our city. It is as important to many of us as any of the “world-famous” downtown places on postcards and brochures.

George’s is celebrating 50 years in 2024, and on Saturday, February 24th, they are having a birthday party. There will be food, classic cars, music, giveaways, and FOOD. George’s is still around because they love Riverside and because Riverside loves George’s. Let’s show them that we appreciate 50 years of great food and better memories. The party starts at 11 a.m. If you’re reading this from behind a rock, George’s is at 9910 Magnolia between Van Buren and Tyler.