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Community spotlight: The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center

MSRPAC is known across the Riverside community for its services to both pets and local residents.

A photo of a Kids Camp attendee playing with an adoption dog.
A child plays with an adoption dog at the center during summer Kids Camp.

The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center (MSRPAC) is not only a go-to spot when looking to find a new furry companion but a place to find leadership skills and community.

Formerly known as the Ramona Humane Society, the center has been a loving home for cats and dogs to find stability and nourishment since 1897.

For over a century, the MSRPAC has provided an abundance of social services. It offers an array of programs dedicated in assisting Riverside residents in need — pets and owners alike. Here, pet owners can find medication, food, clinic services and pet training courses at affordable prices.

The center offers multiple employment and community engagement opportunities for locals. Through its Humane Education Department, MSRPAC offers Pac Paws, a reading program that encourages grade school students to help foster safe, human-active environments for its cats by reading to them. The program was originally established three years ago and takes place four times per month.

MSRPAC also offers Kids Camp, a biannual program (summer and winter), for kids aged six to 13. For four days, the kids at the center can learn about new programs and hear from guest speakers, such as horse farmers.

Riversiders are encourgaed to learn more and get involved with upcoming MSRPAC events online.