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Sunday Comics: Sebraé Harris' Citrus Bellé

Comics have an important place in newspaper history. We have partnered with local artist Sebraé Harris on an exclusive serial comic panel. Look for a new panel each month.

Local artist and Mangaka, Sebraé Harris

Sebraé Harris is a local artist, animator, and mangaka. He draws influence from Japanese manga but brings much of his unique personality to his art. His vibrant, whimsical, hand-drawn comic panels often tell a story in one panel. His characters are powerful and bold, but his narrative is not violent. His art has a sense of freedom, and Sebraé’s characters and backgrounds seem unbound even though he does not hide from his influences. Producing incredible content is only one part of success in the visual arts. You have to sell your product.

Sebraé is a tenacious self-promoter. He believes in his art and himself. He may be quiet, but his confidence is evident in his art, presentation, and effort.  Sebraé is in his early twenties but has already published a full-length manga, The Vermillion Speedateer, through the Inlandia Institute. Harris is facilitating a three-session Manga workshop in the Carnegie Room at the Main Library. The first session is complete, but you can participate in future sessions on June 15 and 22. The workshop will explore manga as an art both technically and philosophically.

We are very excited to work with Sebraé at the Raincross Gazette. Today, we are pleased to present the first in a series of panels featuring his Riverside-themed character, Citrus Bellé.  Sunday Comics were once a significant part of newspapers’ offerings. We want to foster that spirit at Raincross Gazette and look forward to this collaboration and many more.