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19th Annual Chanukah Festival to light up Riverside Historic Courthouse

December 11 will bring a celebration of community and cultural heritage with traditional festivities and a message of unity.

The Inland Empire's largest menorah stands in front of the Riverside Historic Courthouse at the 2022 Chanukah Festival. (Courtesy Chabad Jewish Community Center)

The staircase of the Riverside Historic Courthouse will again serve as the stage for the 19th Annual Chanukah Festival on Monday, December 11. This cherished event, organized by the Chabad Jewish Community Center, promises an evening of menorah lighting, traditional foods, live music, and family-friendly activities, complete with an American Sign Language interpreter.

The festival aims to deepen the understanding of Hanukkah and Jewish traditions among Riversiders. It also serves as a platform for promoting diversity and inclusivity in the community. Last year, the event saw its largest turnout, with the Center claiming the menorah lighting as the "largest in the Inland Empire." Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson and other key figures in Riverside have consistently expressed their support for the values of community and equality championed by the festival.

As the city prepares for this year's celebration, the festival stands as a poignant reminder of the need for unity and acceptance, especially in times of global unrest. Hanukkah's enduring message of resilience and hope resonates strongly, encouraging communities to seek common ground and celebrate the unique qualities that enrich our shared human experience.

Riversiders are invited to visit for details on joining this special occasion.