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UC Riverside Extension Center launches cannabis product design certificate

UCR steps further into the growing cannabis industry with a new, specialized certificate program in product design and development.

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) has introduced a Cannabis Product Development and Design Certificate Program, a new addition to its other educational certificates offered in the cannabis field. This program aims to provide specialized knowledge and skills required for product innovation within the cannabis industry.

Outlined on UCR’s Extension website, the certificate program encompasses a curriculum that spans from foundational cannabis science to advanced topics in product formulation and industry trends. The curriculum is designed to meet an increasing need for educational programs that cater to the cannabis sector’s employment demands. “Not even two weeks after starting the courses,” said one of UCR’s certificate holders,” I already had a job lined up because I was taking courses and showing initiative.”

The program, launched in partnership with Green Flower, a leading cannabis education provider, emphasizes experiential learning, offering students the chance to learn directly from industry experts, engage in case studies, and understand the regulatory environment affecting cannabis products.

“With the cannabis marketplace constantly evolving to include a wider variety of products, those working in the industry–and those who hope to–need a strong working knowledge of how to create diverse cannabis products that meet the needs of consumers,” said Daniel Kalef, Chief Growth Officer of Green Flower. “This program gives students the opportunity to level up their expertise and stand out to employers in an increasingly crowded workforce.”

This initiative adds to UCR’s existing cannabis-related educational programs, reinforcing the university’s commitment to contributing to the sector’s professional development. These programs aim to equip students with a thorough understanding of cannabis, its applications, and its business and legal frameworks.