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This week at City Hall, October 17–21

A closed session will take place on Monday to consider the appointment and salary of the City Manager and Tuesday Council will vote on approving funds for the Mission Inn, Commodity Boxes and the addition and adoption of titles and chapter to the Municipal Code in regards to local fire codes.

Monday, October 17th

City Council (Closed Sessions)

Line 2- Keeping in accordance with Government Code 54957 to appoint a City Manager by City Council.

City Council will consider the appointment/employment of the City Manager. There will not be any discussion or action on proposed compensation and any action taken by the City Council regarding any appointment(s) shall be reported at the public meeting during which the closed session is held.

Line 3- Conference with labor negotiators

Council will review their position and instruct the designated representatives regarding the salaries, salary schedules or compensation paid in the form of fringe benefits of its unrepresented employee (the City Manager). Council may discuss the City’s available funds and funding priorities.

Historic Preservation Fund Committee

Line 4 – Historic Preservation Trust Fund (HPTF)

Discussion on the status of the Historic Preservation Trust Fund (HPTF) program which was established in 2013. The group will consider 1) Maintain Status Quo 2) Transfer HPTF to 3rd party Non-Profit Organization   3) Sunset the HPTF

Tuesday, October 18th

City Council

Line 13- Resolution authorizing application for and receipt of Permanent Local Housing Allocation Funds.

Office of Homeless Solutions asks council to authorize the City Manager to sign applicable standard agreements and other grant related documents required to secure and administer funds. Specifically authorize an increase in revenues and appropriate expenditures for $2,521,285 or in the amount of the grant award in the Development Grants Fund, Permanent Local Housing Allocation Program (PHLA) 2020 program. 5 affirmative votes needed. Also, to approve an increase in revenues and appropriate expenditures for $2,744,596 or in the amount of the grant award, in the Development Grant Funds, PHLA 2021 program. 5 affirmative votes needed. Council is also being asked to approve the amended Permanent Local Housing Allocation Program 2019-2023 a five-year funding plan.

Line 14- United States Small Business Administration Shutter Venue Operator Grant

Community and Economic Department ask council upon receiving the grant award in the amount of $265,068.44 for the Fox Performing Arts Center, that the Chief Financial Officer be allowed to record an increase in revenue and supplemental appropriation in the same amount for a total grant amount of $3,479,911.21 towards the Entertainment Fund, Shuttered Venue Operator grant page project accounts. 5 affirmative votes required. The department also asks that the City Manager be allowed to execute any necessary financial or legal documents including making minor and non-substantive changes to execute the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant from the United States Small Business Administration.

Line 15- Agreement with Mission Inn Foundation

In the Fiscal Year 2021-2022 the Mission Inn Foundation received $67,104 from the Community and Economic Development Mission In. Foundation Account for advocacy, fund development, marketing, education, historic preservation and interpretation and administrative services for art-related programs through June 30,2023. Council is asked to approve a one-year professional consultant services agreement with the Mission Inn Foundation.

Line 19- A resolution to the amendment of the Resolution No.21052 and the adoption of the Master Fringe Benefits and Salary Plan

Council is asked to approve a revision to the salary range for the City Attorney and adopt a resolution amending the Master Fringe Benefit and Salary Plan to reflect the revision to the City Attorney salary range. On September 6th, City Council unanimously reviewed and approved a salary adjustment of 5% to the salary range adjusting it from $23,833 to $25,025, retroactive to the employee’s anniversary date of July 22,2022.

Line 20- Agreement with Riverside Unified School District (RUSD) for American Rescue Plan Act Funded Commodity Boxes.

The Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department asks that council approve the agreement with RUSD to use grant funds not-to-exceed $396,000 to provide Commodity Boxes for seniors, at-risk teens and Friendly Stars participants through December 3, 2024. RUSD Nutrition services provide the boxes for the community and distribute them at several community centers on a monthly basis throughout Riverside, serving 500+ residents.

Line 22- Adopt Chapter14.23 of the Riverside Municipal Code

This ordinance will prohibit and enforce water theft and unauthorized water use. It will define water theft and actions pertaining to said actions, as well as unauthorized water use. Administrative penalties such as citations followed by fines costing up to $3,000.

Line 28- Resolution for making express findings for Local Amendments to the 2022 Edition of the California Building and Fire Codes, for Local Climatic, Geographical and Topographical Conditions and amend, adopt and add ordinances to Title 9 and 16.

The Community and Economic Development Department along with the Fire Department recommend that council introduce a resolution for making express findings for Local Amendments to the 2022 edition of California Code of Regulations Title 24 and consider adopting the 2022 Edition of the California Code of Regulations Title 24, amending Title 9- Chapter 9.48, Unified Hazardous Materials Programs, amending Title 16- Chapter 16.36, Public Safety Radio Amplification Systems and adding Title 16- Chapter 16.26, Electrification of new buildings and addressing decarbonization. They also ask council to schedule a public hearing for November 15,2022 at 6:15 p.m. during the Community and Economic Development Department meeting.

Line 29- Public Works Solid Waste Division Operational Update.

The Public Works Department asks that council receive an update and file updated positions. The Department has reviewed existing salaries, considered financial incentives for hiring and employee retention, considered the allocation of funds to purchase additional solid waste vehicles, reviewed the implementation of routing, navigation and task management software to reduce paperwork and assist employees in accomplishing their duties and appraised the ongoing use of Burrtec Emergency Services.

Wednesday, October 19th

Cultural Heritage Board

Line 8 – Potential Historic Districts

Discussion regarding Potential Historic Districts in the city in an effort to strengthen neighborhood identity as they review the Historic District map

Thursday, October 20th

Financial Performance and Budget Committee – Speical Meeting

Line 2 – Riverside Transmission Reliability Project Update

The committee will hear from the Riverside Transmission Reliability Project consultant regarding an assessment/study of potential RTRP project modifications.

Economic Development, Placemaking and Branding/Marketing Committee

Line 3 – Municipal Code Amendment regarding legalizing cannabis update

The committee will hear an update regarding proposed Riverside Municipal Code Amendments related to legalizing cannabis uses: Title 5 – Business Taxes, Licenses and Regulations; Title 9 Peace, Safety and Morals: and Title 19 – Zoning.

Line 4 – RCCD Student Housing Development extension

Development proposal of City-owned land located adjacent to the Downtown Library for a mixed-use student housing project for Riverside Community College District. The private developer, Overland Pelican Riverside, is asking for a one to two year extension on the project