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Monday, November 7

Human Resources Board, 5:00pm

The Human Resources Board (HRB) consists of nine resident members who meet on the first Monday of each month to receive updates from City staff and advise the City Council on personnel policies and procedures.

Item 4 – Telecommuting Program for FLSA Exempt Employees Policy

This week the HRB will review updates to the City’s work from home policies which were last updated in March of 2020 to permit City staff “to telecommute under the Minimum Staffing Order caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure continuity of City services”.

“Throughout the pandemic, City staff have continued to deliver exceptional customer service to constituents while telecommuting,” according to the report prepared by the City’s Human Resource Director Rene Goldman which continues “due to staff’s proven ability to maintain service levels and operations in a remote work environment, a formal telecommuting policy for non-exempt staff is thereby submitted for incorporation into the Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual.”

Item 5 – Community & Economic Development Departmental Presentation

Chris Christopoulos, the Interim Community & Economic Development Director, will give a presentation on the department which has seen 11 retirements and 15 resignations since January 2020.

Tuesday, November 8

City Council, 1:00pm, 3:00pm

Item 16 – Street Sweeping Parking Ticket Program Review

Council will be reviewing the City’s “Friendly Parking Enforcement” policies around street sweepers in the city and looking to establish a formal policy to offer a $25 dollar temporary suspension of parking enforcement for special events. Council will also consider authorizing the City to suspend parking enforcement at election sites on on election days.

Item 26 – Annual Review of Riverside Downtown Partnership Agreement

The Riverside Downtown Partnership, established in 1981 and funded by a fee equal to the base business license tax levied by the City of Riverside, focuses on promoting and supporting business activity Downtown. Their annual report is under review.

Also on the Agenda:

Thursday, November 10

Planning Commission, 9:00am

Item 5 – Drive-thru coffee shop on Allesandro

A proposal by KVM Partners, LLC for a drive-thru coffee shop on the north side of Alessandro between Sycamore Canyon and San Gorgonio is under consideration.

Airport Commission, 3:00pm

Item 3 – Airport Manager’s Operations and Activity Report

On Thursday, October 27, 2022 the City announced the hiring of Dr. C. Daniel Prather as Airport Manager at Riverside Airport. This week Prather will be presenting an update on the operations of the airport which has seen 94,134 takeoffs and landings in the first three quarters of 2022, up 7% over 2021.

Budget Engagement Commission, 5:00pm

This week’s meeting has been canceled. The next regular Budget Engagement Commission meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 8, 2022