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This Week in City Hall: April 10

A partnership for the development of a Korean-American Cultural Heritage Center, updates on sidewalk vendors and food truck regulation, and in Inclusionary Housing Policy are all on the agenda.

City Council will meet in closed and regular sessions Tuesday, April 11, with an additional regular session at 11:30 a.m. Here are highlights from the agenda:

11:30 a.m. Session

Council will meet to interview candidates for open appointments on both the Community Police Review Commission and Planning Commission. (See the agenda.)

Closed Session

Among other items connected to ongoing litigation the City is involved in, Council will be tackling a handful of items related to salary and benefits for City staff.

Regular Session

Council will consider adopting an resolution amending City Council Rules of Procedure and Order of Business to "adjust language and sequencing timing" around Public Comment during Council meetings. A published report outlines the specific proposed changes which would allow Council meetings to continue without need to start Public Comment at precicely scheduled time.

Council will consider an Memoranda of Understanding to explore development of Korean-American Cultural Heritage Center and receive an update on the City’s recently created regulations for sidewalk vendors and food trucks.

City staff will update Council on their progress in developing an Inclusionary Housing Policy. Such a poicy has been under discussion since July of 2020 and would require new multi-home residential developments to set aside a fixed mumber of units to be rented or sold at below market rates.