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This Week at City Hall, July 11

City Hall Meeting Cancelled, will resume next Wednesday, July 19th and the planning commission will vote to reconsider an approval of a drive-thru Panera Bread.

Planning Commission – July 14th

Line 2- Reconsider approval of a drive-thru Panera Bread

The planning commission will reconsider the June 23, 2022, approval of a dual drive thru lane Panera Bread by Costanza Investments, LLC. The 3,740 square-foot space would be located at 19260 Van Buren Boulevard in the Orangecrest Towne Center. The item was previously voted approved by a vote of 7 Ayes and 0 Nos. It is being reconsidered because of technical difficulties that prevented the public from being able to virtually provide comments. A 2/3 vote must occur for the planning commission to reconsider the item.