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Riverside Woman's Club seeks donations for urgent roof repairs to historic building

Iconic clubhouse, integral to the city's legacy, needs costly repairs exceeding the non-profit group's budget.

The Riverside Woman's Club at the corner of 10th Street and Brockton Avenue.

The iconic Riverside Woman’s Club (RWC), located at 4092 Tenth Street, is facing a challenge. The roof of their historic clubhouse, a building that has stood since 1922, has fallen into disrepair and requires attention.

“Unfortunately, the years have caught up with the roof of this “Significant” old building,” said Marybeth Feild, Fundraising Chair for the RWC.

The clubhouse is not merely a meeting point for club members; it has a “Statement of Significance” from the City of Riverside. As per this statement, the structure is integral to the city’s cultural, social, economic, political, and architectural history. The building is eligible for City Landmark designation, reflecting its profound significance to Riverside’s identity.

Unfortunately, the Riverside Woman’s Club faces a daunting obstacle: the estimated cost of a new roof averages $150,000, a sum that exceeds the club’s financial capacity.

Founded in 1896, the Riverside Woman’s Club is the oldest community service organization in the city. It has played a pivotal role in establishing several key institutions, including the Riverside Carnegie Library, Riverside Community Library, Riverside Community Hospital, Riverside Community Players, and local chapters of the Red Cross, the Epilepsy Society, and the YMCA.

Despite the pandemic, the club remained committed to its service projects and continued operations via Zoom meetings and drive-by drop-off initiatives. Now back in session, the club is concerned about the potential of an upcoming El Niño weather event causing further damage to the already deteriorating roof.

Recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Riverside Woman’s Club conducts nearly 100 projects annually, all aimed at improving the lives of community members. Preserving their historic clubhouse isn’t just about maintaining a piece of architectural history—it is essential for the ongoing service efforts of the club.

The Riverside Woman’s Club invites donations from community members and city patrons. Contributions will contribute towards the preservation of the historic clubhouse, ensuring the continued presence of this vital community organization. A fundraiser is underway on GoFundMe (click here to offer your support) with a goal of $150,000.