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Riverside fundraising expert to host workshop helping local nonprofit leaders strengthen and expand fundraising skills

Nonprofit board members and executives in Riverside are invited to attend a crucial workshop on fundraising strategies, led by industry expert Launa Wilson.

Launa Wilson leads a board training workshop.

A workshop focusing on nonprofit fundraising strategies, titled “Fundraising and the Nonprofit Board,” is scheduled for Tuesday, February 6, in downtown Riverside.

The workshop will be led by Launa Wilson, who brings over 20 years of experience in nonprofit fundraising and governance and aims to address the unique challenges Riverside’s many nonprofits face in fundraising and to provide practical strategies for board members and executive directors.

“If you serve on a nonprofit board,” says Wilson, “you’re likely familiar with the never-ending quest to raise money. Whether you’re being asked to make an annual give/get commitment, to assist in planning an annual gala or golf tournament, or to provide meaningful connections that lead to new funding opportunities, board service often comes with frequent requests for help securing funding.” Her workshop is designed to equip nonprofit board members with effective fundraising tools and strategies.

Wilson’s approach focuses on collaboration and leveraging the strengths of board members. “Executive directors and key staff need to provide tools, information, and meaningful ways to support the organization’s fundraising, respecting board members’ strengths and comfort levels,” Practical tips and tools for enhancing fundraising efforts will be a key feature of the workshop.

The workshop addresses common challenges faced by board members in their fundraising roles, aiming to prepare them for active participation in this aspect of their duties. More information and registration details can be found at