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RCC Nursing Program Achieves Perfect NCLEX Pass Rate

Faculty dedication and curriculum enhancements key to significant success.

RCC students training in the college's nursing simulation laboratory. (Courtesy Riverside City College).

In a significant achievement, Riverside City College’s (RCC) spring 2023 nursing graduates earned a 100% first-time pass rate on the NCLEX-RN exams, despite recent exam modifications for increased rigor.

“We’ve been preparing for this for the last couple of years,” said Tammy Vanthul, Dean of Instruction for RCC’s School of Nursing, attributing this success to intentional faculty development and enhanced training focused on clinical judgment over the past two years.

Over the last several years, RCC’s nursing program has expanded through grants, benefiting from faculty collaboration with apprenticeship partners, ensuring students are well-equipped with the necessary resources and skills. Vanthul regards this milestone as a reflection of RCC’s leadership in nursing education, “We have done a lot of new things attempting to prepare the students, and it seems like it’s working.”

The diversity of RCC’s nursing program is notable, with 35% of faculty and over 80% of students belonging to minority or historically marginalized groups. In a predominantly female field, the faculty comprises 18% males. This achievement underscores RCC’s prominent nursing education status, reflecting academic excellence and commitment to diversity.