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Neighbor of the Week: Lynn Heatley

Each week, we will introduce a new "neighbor". This is not a who's who list. These are Regular Riversiders doing exceptional things.

Lynn Heatley is a superstar in the Riverside Nonprofit community. In 2016, she founded Love Riverside, an organization dedicated to community service in the spirit of kindness. Love Riverside hosts citywide Serve Day in October and helps facilitate smaller events throughout the year. Lynn also has a passion for connecting people and organizations within the Nonprofit community to expand opportunities and increase efficiency.

What is your Mt. Rubidoux summit count? Maybe 20.

What is your favorite restaurant in town? Gra Pow Thai Fusion

What is the most beautiful building in Riverside? The Historic Courthouse

What is your favorite Riverside small business? Cowboy Burgers & Barbeque - wonderful family & food!

What is your favorite Riverside non-profit organization? Besides my nonprofit, Love Riverside, I would say Family Promise.

The Festival of Lights: every year on opening night or maybe on a Tuesday? Definitely a Tuesday!

What is your go-to sandwich in town? Antone's Italian Eatery - definitely the Meatball sandwich on garlic bread.

What is your idea of a perfect weekend day in Riverside? Visiting shops and the Farmers Market on Main Street downtown.

What is your favorite spot for a date night? Regal Plaza theater followed by a nearby eatery.

Do you call it the Galleria or Tyler Mall? Always will be the Tyler Mall to me.

What is one place in Riverside you would bring back if you could Gemco and Zodys.

If you could put one message on a billboard on the 91, what would it be? Kindness changes the world, be kind!

Neighbor of the Week is a series profiling the hidden heroes of Riverside, doing incredible works of service throughout our different neighborhoods.
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