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Neighbor of the Week: Kayla Booker

Each week, we will introduce a new neighbor. This is not a who's who list. These are regular Riversiders doing exceptional things.

Kayla Booker ran for the Ward 1 seat in the crowded Riverside City Council election of 2024. She didn’t win, but that isn’t going to stop her from working to make the city a better place. She keeps a full schedule and just finished organizing the 4th Annual Riverside Juneteenth celebration. Kayla is a Riverside Woman’s Club member, serves on the board of Riverside Neighborhood Partnership, participates in The Group, NCNW, and NAACP, and founded The Black Collective. Booker is also a member of the Riverside Young Democrats and Black Young Democrats.

Kayla isn’t a native, but she has adopted Riverside as home, and her positive energy and tenacious work ethic are certainly welcome. “I moved (to Riverside) to study at RCC and pursue a degree in sports therapy. However, Riverside offered me something far beyond academics—it became my home and community. Riverside instilled a passion for service and empowered me to advocate for my beliefs.”

What is your favorite restaurant? Habanero Mexican Grill in the Eastside; everything on the menu is amazing, and the customer service is top-tier

What is the most beautiful building in Riverside? Downtown Streets. The view with trees, flowers, and a good sunset. You can't go wrong with that.

What is your favorite Riverside small business? Mrs. Tiggy Winkles or Drangon Marsh. Crystals and jewelry are my favorite items.

What is your favorite Riverside non-profit organization? The B.L.A.C.K. Collective.

The Festival of Lights: Every year on opening night or maybe on a Tuesday? Opening night with the fireworks and the Christmas music with my family is my favorite Christmas tradition.

What is your go-to sandwich in town? The Upper Crust Sandwich Shoppe, the soup and sandwich meals are my favorite.

What is your favorite spot for a date night? This a hard one: The Lobby or Molinos.

Do you call it the Galleria or Tyler Mall? Tyler Mall

What is one place in Riverside you would bring back if you could? A place for our youth to socialize and enjoy themselves and stay out of trouble. Giving them a safe place is really important for our community and city.

Neighbor of the Week is a series profiling the hidden heroes of Riverside, doing incredible works of service throughout our different neighborhoods.
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