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Neighbor of the Week: Joshua Kopp

Each week, we will introduce a new "neighbor". This is not a who's who list. These are Regular Riversiders doing exceptional things.

Joshua Kopp (far right), his daughters and, crew on a volunteer clean up project.

Joshua Kopp helped found the Hunt Park Advisory group to serve the community around the Renck Community Center. He has volunteered as a soccer coach, Easter Bunny for the Easter Eggstravaganza, and art class facilitator.

Josh has participated in numerous cleanups with the Hunt Park Advisory. He took on a restoration project on Magnolia Avenue, cleaning and painting bus shelters. He has volunteered for organized cleanups, including a 9/11 Day of Service cleanup on Magnolia between Jackson and Monroe.

Josh told us a bit about what motivates him to give up his own time to serve the community.

“I want to be the best role model I can be for (my children), their peers, their peers' parents and the community. If I can help change one person in this world to help better the future for our kids then I’m already winning in life. Kids and communities go through so much nowadays it’s just a lot of negativity and I want to be that positive light at the end of the tunnel and I want my kids to carry on that positive light. And the benefits of the many hours sacrificed were never sacrificed. It was for the better good, it’s never for me it’s for others. To see someone happy just cause you’re bringing positive energy. Or to see a child help clean up because they see you clean up and when they ask why I tell them because I want you to enjoy the place we call home. We can truly change the world with volunteering and showing the world you genuinely care. It won’t change it tomorrow but you have to start somewhere so why not be that inspiration for your community and the youth.”

What is your Mt. Rubidoux summit count? I'd say anywhere from 10-15, starting as a kid born and raised in Riverside.

What is your favorite restaurant in town? Anchos. I love the environment, I love the vibes, and most of all, I love the food. 

What is the most beautiful building in Riverside? It's really hard to pick this one because many historical buildings in Riverside are just beautiful; everything from the Peace Tower, Museum of Riverside, and even the Heritage House. All are beautiful, and I can truly say that picking just one is impossible for me since I love them all.

What is your favorite Riverside small business? Papa Joe's; they are always so helpful for our teams during soccer season.

What is your favorite Riverside non-profit organization? Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful (

The Festival of Lights: Every year on opening night or maybe on a Tuesday? Opening night.

What is your go-to sandwich in town? The Fuego at My Hero Subs off of Iowa.

What is your idea of a perfect weekend day in Riverside? Volunteering with the family for a cleanup. We love to help keep our lovely town clean and beautiful for our locals and travelers to enjoy.

What is your favorite spot for a date night? Thompson Brewery off of Indiana. The wife and I had a blast playing giant UNO in their game/comic room and enjoyed amazing food there. It was like dating for the first time again with sparks in the air.

Do you call it the Galleria or Tyler Mall? I have always called it the Tyler Mall

What is one place in Riverside you would bring back if you could Shakey's Pizza, because it was a childhood memory.

If you could put one message on a billboard on the 91, what would it be? Passionate, dedicated, and loved. Riverside.

Neighbor of the Week is a series profiling the hidden heroes of Riverside, doing incredible works of service throughout our different neighborhoods.
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