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Mr. Monopoly visits City Hall seeking community input on the forthcoming MONOPOLY: Riverside Edition board game

Riverside is set to become the star of its own MONOPOLY game, featuring local landmarks and organizations in a unique twist on the classic board game.

Mr. Monopoly visits Riverside City Hall on Wednesday, January 10, 2024.

A new version of the classic board game MONOPOLY, featuring Riverside’s landmarks and organizations, is set to launch this fall. The new game will incorporate Riverside businesses, nonprofits, and landmarks in place of the traditional Monopoly squares like ‘Mediterranean Avenue’ and ‘Boardwalk.’

On Wednesday morning, Mr. Monopoly stopped by City Hall to announce the city’s version of the game and meet City leadership. “MONOPOLY has a rich history of bringing friends and family together for a few hours of shared joy,” Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson said. “I look forward to Riverside families being able to enjoy this classic game with a version that reflects our great city.”

Mr. Monopoly poses with Chief of Police Larry Gonzalez, Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson, City Manager Mike Futrell, and City Attorney Phaedra Norton.

“The City of Riverside is a unique community with a rich history,” said Jennifer Tripsea from Top Trumps, “We aim to ensure that MONOPOLY: Riverside Edition is an accurate portrayal of what Riverside locals and tourists love about this charming city.”

The Riverside Edition of Monopoly will feature city-specific Community Chest and Chance cards and Monopoly money, and public input is sought to select the featured locations. “From the rich arts and culture to historic Riverside staples, we would love for everyone to get on board and send us recommendations of their favorite organizations and landmarks around town,” Tripsea said, inviting suggestions via

The game will be available through retailers, including CVS, Amazon, and select Riverside stores later this year.