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Fireworks Return to Mount Rubidoux

Riverside's premier Fourth of July Fireworks show returns to it's iconic location.

A large fiework launches from the top of Mt. Rubidoux. (Josh McNair/California Through My Lens)

After several years of hosting the mid-city Fourth of July fireworks show at Bonaminio Park, the City Council has decided to return the launch point to the top of Mount Rubidoux. The city’s other fireworks show will remain at La Sierra Park. Both shows begin at 9:00 p.m. As always, there will be parking restrictions and lots of traffic around both show locations. Please obey the parking restrictions. They are imposed to ensure emergency responders can get where they must go if needed.
Launching fireworks from Mount Rubidoux is particularly important because it can be seen from much of the city, while the Bonaminio Park site was only visible to those very close to the park. Launching from Mount Rubidoux also allows larger fireworks to be used because they explode farther from homes than at Bonaminio Park.
Returning the fireworks to Mount Rubidoux required the city to make significant repairs to the paved road on the mountain sooner than they might otherwise have done and to do some vegetation management to reduce the fire risk. Those who prefer the fireworks to be on Mount Rubidoux should thank the Council for agreeing to move the show back to the top of the mountain.
Another advantage of having the fireworks at Mount Rubidoux is that it allows the Historic Evergreen Memorial Cemetery Association to bring back Front Row Fireworks. This family-friendly event is a fundraiser for the non-profit association that maintains the non-endowed historic portion of the cemetery. There is a charge of $10 for adults and $5 for children 3 to 12. Still, it is probably the best publicly available viewing location in the city.