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Candidates begin to declare victory in Mayor and Councilmember races

Patricia Lock Dawson and Steven Robillard celebrate wins while the Ward 1 race tightens and the Ward 5 race remains close.

On Monday evening, March 11, the Riverside Country Registrar of Voters released the latest results from the March 5 election. While approximately 18,000 votes remain to be counted across the entire county, two candidates are ready to declare victory.


Incumbent Patricia Lock Dawson continues to hold the lead over Jessica Qattawi in her bid for a second term as Riverside’s mayor, with 78% of the vote.

  • Patricia Lock Dawson: 30,886
  • Jessica Qattawi: 8,816

“Thank you, Riverside!” said Lock Dawson, “I am humbled by the overwhelming vote of confidence you have placed in me. Here’s to four more years of service to you!”

Alongside an Instagram dance video, Qattawi announced, “I did not win this one, but I came out a winner in so many ways. This was never about me but about bettering our community, bringing inspiration, and helping those not strong enough to speak up.”

Ward 1

Hass Ratnayake gained 286 votes in the latest results, narrowing Philip Falcone’s lead to just over 51% of the votes. 

  • Philip Falcone: 2,893
  • Hass Ratnayake: 1,022
  • Kayla Booker: 895
  • David Leon Romo Sr: 543
  • Steven Lawson: 248

Ward 3

Steven Robillard has captured 53% of Ward 3 voters, leading Warren Avery by 485 votes.

  • Steven Robillard: 3,760
  • Warren Avery: 3,275

“Based on the number of ballots that have been processed, it’s now clear that I will win the Ward 3 election,” says Robillard, “I’m truly honored and blessed to be elected to serve as the new Ward 3 Councilmember.”

Warren Avery conceded the race, telling The Gazette, “We knew it would be a close race from the beginning of my campaign. I wish Steven the best of luck as my representative on City Council and hope for his success.”

Ward 5

The race in Ward 5 remains tight; Sean Mill leads with 51.5% of the vote.

  • Sean Mill: 2,815
  • Gaby Plascencia: 2,650

Less than 15,000 Vote-by-Mail ballots and 3,200 Conditional Voter Registration ballots remain to be counted across the county. The next updated results will be posted at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 12.