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2024 Election: Sean Mill announces re-run for Ward 5 City Council Seat

Mill is running for the seat he lost to Councilmember Gaby Placenscia with 47% of ther votes in the 2019 election.

Sean Mill has announced his campaign for City Council’s Ward 5 seat in the 2024 election. Mill first ran for the same seat in the 2019 election, which he lost to Gaby Placenscia by 222 votes.

Mill has previously served as the Ward 5 representative on the City's Planning Commission and Airport Commission.

"I want Riverside to become a model of open, ethical, democratic civic government. I want Riverside to be a city that truly serves and represents all who call it home. A city where everyone is safe on its streets. A city where families are safe in their homes. A city where our children are safe in their schools," Mill says.

In 2021, City Council voted 6-0 to censure current Ward 5 Councilmemeber Gaby Plascencia for ethics-violation findings that she used her position for "personal gain" and discriminated against Mill in requesting he be removed from the Arlington Business Partnership shortly following her defeat of Mill in the 2019 election.