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Data science, digital media communications, and public health among 13 new programs available this fall at CBU

California Baptist University responds to the growing demand in healthcare, education, and entertainment sectors with 13 innovative degree programs, promising enhanced career prospects for Riverside residents.

CBU's College of Health Science has a number of new programs launching fall 2024.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, American families are depending more on services in the areas of healthcare, education and entertainment, resulting in an increased demand for jobs in those sectors. It is expected that these industries will see significant growth in employment opportunities through 2032.

To ensure students are prepared to succeed in today’s world, California Baptist University has expanded its degree offerings in several areas that align with the changing workforce. CBU is introducing 13 new degree programs this Fall. The programs – offered on campus and online – include five undergraduate and eight graduate degrees and provide numerous opportunities for those looking to begin their college journey, advance their career or transition into a new career.

“We consistently evaluate CBU’s program offerings to provide relevant coursework and degrees that are most in need in our communities and align with the interests and inquiry of our students,” said Dr. Charles D. Sands, provost and senior vice president of Academic Affairs. “Each proposed program undergoes a rigorous assessment through detailed feasibility studies and a review of government data and private industry sources. Additionally, CBU consults with community and business partners, students, and if needed, accrediting agencies to confirm the viability of each program in the market.”

From data science to health science, and education to communication, the new programs provide students with opportunities to pursue fields that are becoming more prevalent in today’s workforce.

Within the department of communications, new degrees in Digital Media Communications as well as Broadcast and Digital Media Production are available at the undergraduate level. Both degrees provide students with the tools needed to succeed in the ever-changing media industry and networked online environment.

The bachelor of science in Data Science enables students to learn the foundations in computing, mathematics and statistics to become true data scientists. Students are prepared to become leaders, decision makers, solutions developers and consultants in organizations where data is used to solve real-world problems.

CBU’s Dr. Bonnie G. Metcalf School of Education is offering a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Studies. Students are trained in understanding children’s cognitive, social, emotional, perceptual-motor and spiritual development. The master’s program prepares students for leadership roles in the field of early childhood education. Explore facets of early childhood development, with a focus on pre-kindergarten to eight years old.

Students may also pursue the Education Specialist in School Psychology, known as the Ed.S. This is a professional degree designed for educators to advance their knowledge, expertise and leadership in the field of education. Those who pursue the Ed.S. provide direct and indirect psychological, behavioral and academic support to students.

There are several new graduate degree offerings on campus and online in the College of Health Science.

“We’re seeing a need for more advanced degrees in the health-related career fields,” said Dr. David Pearson, dean of the college of health science. “This includes degrees for current practitioners such as Physician Assistants as well as those in healthcare administration. To keep pace with the demands of healthcare, these professionals need instruction in health informatics, which CBU’s programs provide.”

The Doctor of Medical Sciences (DMSc) is a one-year, online program designed to enhance the clinical, professional and research skills of working Physician Assistants. The program’s mission is to equip students to be thoughtful leaders and lifelong learners of scientific and practical knowledge to improve the health, quality of life and education of communities. 

The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) focuses on developing public health leaders who can integrate evidence-based science into public health practice. This program provides extensive training for students to develop leadership skills to respond to the rapidly shifting challenges facing public health and healthcare systems.

The College of Health Science also offers a bachelor of science in Health and Human Sciences to help students understand healthcare systems, health management, health communication and patient health navigation. This is an ideal path for those pursuing work in the healthcare industry.

The Master of Science in Integrative Nutrition (online) incorporates digestive health and causes for imbalance and looks at environmental impact, genetics, and physiological and psychological factors for disease. Learn an integrative approach to promote a state of wellness whether pursuing a career as a Clinical Nutritionist or a Health and Wellness Coach.

The Robert K. Jabs School of Business is offering two new programs, both on campus and online: a Management Certificate in Business Administration and the Information Technology Management Certificate. The Management Certificate in Business Administration requires students to complete four MBA courses, which are transferable to an MBA if students choose to pursue it. The IT Management Certificate provides students with competencies and skills to maintain a competitive edge in the information technology environment. Students will develop advanced IT strategies, business management techniques and key management and leadership skills essential in today’s workplace.

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice is an online, leadership-focused program. This degree will equip students with the communication and research skills necessary to lead effectively within the various fields of law and criminal justice. Learn from accomplished leaders in the local law and criminal justice fields through this program that is uniquely designed for working professionals.

CBU is currently enrolling students for fall 2024. To learn more about the new offerings for fall or any of CBU’s other 150 degree programs, visit