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Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center Seeks Help for Long-Stay Pets

Over 20 dogs have waited more than four months for adoption, highlighting a pressing need for community support.

Bindi, a three-year-old, has been waiting for adoption since February 2023. (Photos courtesy Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center)

The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center (MSRPAC) has reported an increasing number of pets, particularly dogs, remaining at the facility for extended periods. Over 20 dogs have now been designated as “long-stay pets,” with more than half waiting for adoption for over four months.

The center’s primary concern is the limited kennel space, which restricts its ability to accommodate new homeless pets. Brielle Spears, the Director of Operations, stated, “We are receiving a large number of owner surrender applications daily and simply do not have the space to help. We are in desperate need of adoptive homes or foster homes so we can help more pets.”

To address this, MSRPAC urges Riverside residents to consider adopting or fostering. Adopting a long-stay pet offers them a second chance at a loving home. For those unable to adopt, fostering provides a temporary home for these animals, allowing them to de-stress from the kennel environment. The center provides all necessary supplies for fostering, ensuring no additional costs for the foster families.

Potential adopters can expect pets to be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. While adoption fees vary, many long-stay pets have reduced or even sponsored fees. The center also offers special programs: Veterans with appropriate ID can adopt for free, and the Senior for Senior Adoption Program allows individuals aged 65 and above to adopt senior pets (7 years or older) without any fee.

Founded in 1897, the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of animals and humans alike. For more details or to explore adoption and fostering opportunities, residents can contact 951-688-4340 or visit