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The Raincross Gazette Manifesto

We believe in Riverside.

We believe there’s something special about a large and growing city that still feels like a small town. We believe in the power of families growing generational roots, where children can safely play on the same streets their grandparents grew up on.

We believe that hard work is the backbone of a thriving community. We believe that local businesses, large and small, create the opportunities needed for people to thrive.

We believe in the promise of connected schools, colleges, and universities to help students develop their unique gifts and passions and equip them for meaningful careers. We believe in the potential local elected officials have to impact our daily lives and the importance of community engagement with their efforts.

We believe being a city founded by abolitionists with a commitment to justice and equality isn’t just an important part of our history, but a collective responsibility to carry into the future. We believe the growth of Riverside makes us stronger and want newcomers to find their home in this city.

We believe in Riverside, we believe in the power of a connected community, and we believe our city needs a reliable local news source committed to keeping Riversiders informed and empowered.

We are The Raincross Gazette. We are your new source for Riverside news.