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Falcone, Robillard, and Mill leading in City Council races

If current trends hold, the City Council may see three new members representing Wards 1, 3, and 5.

On Wednesday evening, March 6, the Riverside Country Registrar of Voters released the latest results from Tuesday's election, with the potential for three new members to join the City Council. 

Ward 1

Ward 1 was the most crowded race, with five candidates vying for the seat left open by outgoing councilmember Erin Edwards. The latest results show Philip Falcone has captured over 50% of the 3,399 votes cast.

  • Philip Falcone: 1,676
  • Hass Ratnayake: 526
  • Kayla Booker: 472
  • David Leon Romo Sr: 350
  • Steven Lawson: 163

"These early results show that Ward 1 residents want a Councilmember who is ready on day one to deliver results," said Falcone, "This was a team effort. I am thankful for the many volunteers, donors, and, most importantly, the voters who have placed their trust in me."

Ward 3

Current Ward 3 Councilmember Ronaldo Fierro did not run for reelection, opting to run for the California State Assembly 58th District seat. Steven Robillard has captured 51.7% of Ward 3 voters, leading Warren Avery by 144 votes.

  • Steven Robillard: 2,243
  • Warren Avery: 2,099

"I'm currently leading," said Robillard, "but there's over 100,000 ballots left to process in Riverside County. I look forward to seeing the results after all remaining ballots have been counted."

Ward 5

Sean Mill was running for the seat he lost to Councilmember Gaby Placenscia by 222 votes. At this time, he's leading Placenscia by 76 votes.

  • Sean Mill: 1,517
  • Gaby Plascencia: 1,441

"I'm excited to see the numbers continue to trend in my favor, but as long as there are still votes left to count," said Sean Mill Wednesday evening, "I want to thank everyone who voted for me and everyone who voted for my opponent because they all honored their civic duty."

Vote counting continues, and results are not final. According to the county, An estimated 166,000 Vote-by-Mail and 3,200 Conditional Voter Registration (CVR) ballots still must be processed.